Bachrach Embroidered Shirt

Very swanky 100% silk, Bachrach short sleeve shirt. This is very uptown, sort of like en elegant bowling shirt. It's the sort of cool shirt Charlie Sheen wears on Two and a Half Men. It's a stylish black with light tan colored sleeves, collar, button placard and an embroidered stitching and faux pearl buttons. Box cut tail. It has very slight imperfection on the front left sleeve and small water spot on lower right back. Both imperfections are barely noticable as is, but could possibly be removed by dry cleaning. It's a large, measuring 24" across and 33" long. The sleeves are 10".

  • Size: Large
  • Genre: Country Club Clothing
Swanky Bachrach Button Down Embroidered Shirt from
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  • Manufacturer: Bachrach
  • Condition: Used
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