Baditude Muscle Car Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The 1960s in America were the heyday of the muscle car and raw horsepower. One of the greatest of this class of automobile was the Pontiac GTO. Recording artists like the "Beach Boys" even paid tribute to the car in song. You may remember "Little GTO." This "Baditude" muscle car, long-sleeve t-shirt, pays homage to the GTO, its mean line, and historic place in muscle car history. The t-shirt measures 23" across the chest, is 31" long, and is black in color. It features a GTO on the front and "Baditude." The garment is new, does not have a tag, and is in excellent condition. So, check that hood mounted tachometer, shift into first gear, pop the clutch, and let this t-shirt fly into your shopping cart today and remember to tell the guys at the dragstrip you "Do it in the basement!"

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Baditude Muscle Car Long Sleeve T-Shirt
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  • Manufacturer: Muscle Car T-shirts
  • Condition: New
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