Denim Duster - Western

You'd never get through the airport wearing this unusual cowgirl duster. It would set off metal detectors in three counties. It's absolutely sparkling with with snaps and studs. In fact there are 38 snaps in all. It snaps up the front with two panels and down the back with two panels. As if a pound or so of snaps isn't enough, this ankle-length dsuter has metallic stars, glass tubes, and faux gems. It's just plain cool enough to wear shopping and fancy enough to wear on stage, if you're that sort of gal. Or, wear it line danceing and twirl it around you like a denim tornado with lightning. It has removable shoulder pads and two nice size pockets on the front. This beauty is made by Camille, but the tag is just barely hanging on. It also needs a good dry cleaning to remove the slight wear at the bottom hem. That's a small price to pay for such a rare duster. It's a large, measuring 26" across and 52" long. The sleeves are 23" and it weighs about five pounds! If you're not planning on flying anywhere in this, grab it while it's still here!

  • Style: Cowgirl denim duster
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Denim blue
Denim Duster - Western from
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  • Manufacturer: Camille
  • Condition: Used
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