Forest Green Suede Hippie Vest

A suede vest used to be an essential part of every hippie chick's wardrobe. It was usually worn without a shirt underneath and with either bell bottoms or french seam jeans. To complete the ensemble were a handmade glass Indian bead ankle bracelet and moccasins. This fine example of haute hippie couture by Rafel is probably used, although it appears that it has never been worn. It's in perfect condition. It's earthy forest green suede with matching green satin back. The front snaps are covered in the same beautiful forest green suede. It's a medium, measuring 18" across and 24" long. Live the good times again, if you can remember them, in this groovy vest.
  • Size: Medium
Forest Green Suede Hippie Vest
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  • Manufacturer: Rafel
  • Condition: Used
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