Spanglish Hat - Navy

Spanglish Hat - Navy from Vintage Basement with light blue embroidery. The hat is fully adjustable with a velcro closure and is in mint condition. The hat was manufactured for the Adam Sandler movie by the same name.

  • Condition: Mint
  • Style: Spanglish Hat - Navy
  • Subject: Spanglish, Adam Sandler, Movie Hats and Caps, Vintage Hats and Caps
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Brand: Spanglish
  • Color: Navy Blue with Embroidery
  • Genre: Clothing, Movie & Television T-Shirts and Hats, Hats and Caps, Spanglish Hats and Caps, Adam Sandler Hats and Caps
Spanglish Hat - Navy
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  • Manufacturer: Spanglish
  • Condition: Used
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